AFTS Contract Servicing provides billing, payment processing and web-payment services for its customers. You are now on AFTS' secure server where you can make payments that will be applied to your account.

Single payments can be made via electronic checks (ACH) or credit card transactions (VISA or MasterCard). You maybe charged a convenience fee or transaction fee as part of your choice in making your payment at this portal. AFTS Contract Servicing only receives the net amount of your payment.

Recurring payments can also be set up by using this web site. There are no transaction fees for recurring payments from your checking/savings account. There maybe transaction fees for recurring credit card payments.

Before we can continue we need you to enter your account number shown on your billing statement and the house number for the service address. We will use this data to validate your payment information.
  (Example: Enter "123" for 123 Main Street)